G.S.Broz是一名摄影师与商业影像制作人,自2008年起生活并工作在上海。2014年,他与玉石雕刻家安大陆在星光摄影器材城举办了双个展《 外国人眼里的中国》。之后,他在新场古镇二楼开办了自己的摄影画廊,展出他的系列摄影作品。Broz本科毕业于匹兹堡大学的影像研究专业,他主要从事录像工程与现场摄影导演工作,业务涵盖企业新闻发布会、纪录短片、市场宣传片、音乐录影带、电影等等。而他对摄影的爱好始于一台数码照相机,通过对各类设备与拍摄技法的实验,Broz爱上了胶片摄影。传统摄影过程对他而言,是一种近乎意念穿越的精神媒介。Broz的摄影浸染着上海的能量,身为一名专业影像制作人,他严格追求画面质量。正如在展厅中所见的这些照片,Broz的摄影关乎自身同上海的复杂关系,尤其是身为一名居住在中国的外国人所持有的独到视角。

G.S. Broz is a photographer and commercial filmmaker based in Shanghai where he has lived and worked since 2008. In 2014, Broz opened his own photography gallery on the second floor of The One Teahouse in Xin Chang Ancient Town, displaying several of his photographic series. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Film Studies (1999), Broz’s photographic career developed concurrently with his extensive employment as a video engineer and live camera director, working on projects as varied as corporate press conferences, short documentaries, marketing and promotional videos, music videos and feature films. Discovering his passion for photography after acquiring a digital camera and experimenting with various equipment and methods, Broz fell in love with analogue photography, finding the traditional photographic process a more spiritual medium of thought transmission. Inspired by the energy of Shanghai, Broz’s photographs maintain a cinematic quality related to his training and pedigree as a filmmaker. Through his ongoing projects and the photographic series on display at his gallery, Broz’s works frequently examine themes of consciousness, spirituality and ethics as they relate to his relationship with Shanghai and his unique perspective as an outsider living in Asia.  Branching out from just China in the past few years, he has recently completed his largest project to date which explores the Christian Iconography of Mumbai.  With projects in North America and Europe planned for 2018-2020, Broz looks to deepen his portfolio beyond the Asian themes that have been the mainstay of his work until now.