In 2018, G.S. Broz relocated to the US after a ten year odyssey in Asia. While based in China as a broadcast director, he fell in love with medium format film photography, finding it a more articulate medium of thought transmission than moving pictures. His work examines themes of consciousness, spirituality and ethics and maintains a sturdy and cinematic quality informed by his pedigree as a filmmaker (B.A., Film Studies, University of Pittsburgh, 1999).  Branching out from China in the past few years, he recently completed his largest project to date which explores the Christian iconography of Mumbai.  As he looks to deepen his portfolio beyond the Asian locales that have been the mainstay of his work so far, he is currently in post-production with a project shot in North America, due for completion in late 2020.


-Fusion Art - Palm Springs, CA - 6th Annual Leaves & Petals (Chris & Valerie Hoffman, jurors)

-Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis, MN - The Streets (Robi Chakraborty, juror)

-Carnation Contemporary - Portland, OR - Future Timelike Infinity (Michael Endo, curator)

-Axis Gallery - Sacramento, CA - Portraits Without People (Roula Seikaly, juror)


-Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis, MN - The Shape of Things (Ross Anderson, juror)

-Fusion Art - Palm Springs, CA - 5th Annual Figures & Faces (Chris & Valerie Hoffman, jurors) - Honorable Mention 


-Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis, MN - Empty Places : Abandoned Spaces (Carl Corey, juror)

-Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts - Providence, RI - One Gun Gone (Boris Bally, juror)

-Specto Art Space - Bridgewater, VA - (un)INHABITED: An Exploration of Human Structure