In 2018, G.S. Broz relocated to Pittsburgh after a ten year odyssey in Asia. While based in China as a broadcast director, Broz fell in love with medium format film photography, finding it a more articulate medium of thought transmission. Inspired by the energy and textures of Shanghai, his photographs maintain a sturdy and cinematic quality informed by his pedigree as a filmmaker (B.A., Film Studies, University of Pittsburgh, 1999). Broz’s completed works examine themes of consciousness, spirituality and ethics as they relate to his perspective as an outsider living in Asia. Branching out from China in the past few years, he recently completed his largest project to date which explores the Christian iconography of Mumbai. With projects in North America and Europe slated for 2018-2020, Broz looks to deepen his portfolio beyond the Asian locales that have been the mainstay of his work so far.


-Praxis Gallery - Minneapolis MN - Empty Places : Abandoned Spaces (Carl Corey, juror)

-Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts - Providence RI - One Gun Gone (Boris Bally, juror)

-Specto Art Space - Bridgewater, VA - (un)INHABITED: An Exploration of Human Structure